Thursday, August 14, 2008

A piece of my mind

It's a tiring day today but I was indeed happy. It's kind of weird to say that I feel happy washing dishes but somehow this is the feeling that I get when I was doing that chore.

To this 'someone' who thinks he knows me so well:

I just want to tell you that I love the way my life is going right now and I am not going to regret it. Don't you know that I love to start working from the bottom? Keep on looking down on me and I will succeed better than you expected me to do. Thank you so much for all the advice that you have given me and they didn't actually go to waste. I did listened and I deliberated. I choose not to follow your advice as it is not something that I desire to do. This course is my passion.

You keep on telling me that I will not like what I do but do you really, I mean REALLY know what I want to do? You only see me once a year (or less) yet you acted as though you live with me under one roof.

Is discouraging me what you think will make me a better person? I can tell that you want me to do something else just because you think my result has gone down the drain? I sat for STPM not because I wanted to go to public uni but the main purpose of it is for me to think through what I truly wanted to do. Well, I guess you will not understand that point at all since you didn't approve me of going into Form Six in the first place. Albeit pointless, I feel so much better writing that out.

Anyway, you have never taken up this course and tried it. You told me what I see right now is beautiful, but in the real world, things are so much different. Such wise words! Who doesn't know the real world is harsh? I have learnt a better phrase. No pain, no gain.

Anyway, I am so grateful to have such a caring person like you to voice your opinions which I highly appreciated. If you really read this post and deemed me to be rude, I hereby apologised because I am merely typing what I thought and had tried my best to filter my words to make them sound less hostile.

Exam's round the corner and I have to study so I will not harbour on what you have said to me a few months ago. You are not affecting me. I will not let your discouragements affect me. Or my life.

2 wrote a note:

weili said...

whoa...this is rare.

i think the number of times you have felt like this over the past, um, 7 years, can be counted on my fingers, no?

chill, gal.

and all the best for your exams.


puiyun said...

let's grab that bugger and put him in the toilet. it can't be me, can it? after what i told you about me in cb??