Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Final Exam

Finally there's just one more paper to go before I become as free as a bird. What I am hoping for right now is for the Food and Beverage 1 questions to be at least predictable and less out of the world unlike the previous three papers.

Safety and Hygiene in Catering paper was not completely out of the world. It was just plain EXTRAORDINARY. Whatever that we read from the text distributed to us can be considered as a 'light reading' material as only one chapter came out. What about the other components of the book? I'll just have to keep whatever I have read as my 'sweet memories' as I could not apply most of it in the written test.

I thought that the Safety and Hygiene paper is extraordinary enough yet it is still not the champion for being the weirdest paper of all.

When I stepped into the auditorium this morning, I was trying to recall all Food Studies facts that I have just read. Well, I actually don't have to refresh on what I read as history repeated itself. This time, 'EXTRAORDINARY' is an understatement.

When I looked at the questions, I was scanning through for words like meat, poultry, fish and other familiar terms. However, not one of those terms appeared on the exam paper.

The format for Hospitality English 1 is rather different too as it has the same format as Food Studies. One thing that worries me though. Will one liner answers be accepted since the allocated marks is 5? Yes, that was what the Section A requested. One liners. 8 ONE LINERS!

I did everything I could to 'crap' as sensibly as possible. Now I leave everything to God for His miracles to work.

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Hi Fiona,

All the best in your exam and God Bless!!