Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dim sum at Kao Lee and uber cuteness of the darlings!

My morning in Ipoh started off with dim sum from Kao Lee! I have not been having dim sum for a long time except for frozen dim sum from Rasa Sayang.

Yummy assortment of 点心. The 点心 makes my 心 happy!

Feeling satisfied looking at the picture above.


Century egg porridge. Yum yum!

Back home, we had some photoshoot sessions with the gorillas.

They are resting on the mat before bathing time. :)

P.S. My driving licence has expired so I got to be passenger for now. Hehehe!!

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Joanna said...

Puppies ! puppies ! puppies !! Uber cuteness indeed !!! Love the way they curl up with one another ... : )