Tuesday, October 02, 2007

terrapin walk..

I received these pictures recently and how I wish my terrapins could do the same.

Step one: Look up and stretch your neck till you feel the strain.

Step two: Stretch higher. Your front claws must be able to leave the ground at this stage.

Step three: Just a little more! Now stand on the tip of your toes (or should I say claw-flippers?)

Step four: Congratulations! You made it! Now try to stand till your hind legs start to ache and cramp.

Have fun!

I will start training Light and Missa to do the same. =)

2 wrote a note:

mike said...

haha. that terrapin is so darn cute. so am i. :P

weili said...

puiyun better stop being so perasan...hehe...

but i agree the terrapins are so so so cute.

and yea, i'll be going back soon but not sure if i'll be going out lar

have got exams 2 weeks after the break. gotta study. don't wanna fail bio anymore. =P