Thursday, October 11, 2007

the aftermath of earthquakes??

Something terrible had happened.

There's a big sinkhole found outside my neighbour's house. Their house is located just behind my house. Now the question is, WHAT EXACTLY REALLY HAPPENED?

We really don't know for the time being. Probability is high that as our houses are built on a mining land plus the recent earthquakes occuring in the neighbouring country, the land became unstable and the landfill (which contains more sand than other stuffs) started sinking. This is what got us worried and scared.

What if, just what if our house is NEXT?? Anyone can recommend a home for me and my family?? =(

This is really a serious matter. By next August, my house will be 20 years old and I hope it will be able to last longer than that. I don't want to move to another place.

P/S: It's raining now and the soil is getting softer. Those of you who are reading this, please pray that my family and I won't be homeless. And Crystle too.

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