Friday, October 19, 2007

down with cough and flu..

I'm down with cough and flu. I still don't know what triggered the flu. Could it be the the raya virus?

School reopens on Monday. Wow, it seems eons ago that I have attended school. I still haven't done my homework though. What am I waiting for? Probably the eleventh hour..

Tomorrow will be another day of raya celebration for me. I'll be going to my teachers' houses. Yes! Eat some more and gain more weight. How can I resist rendang? Or lemang? It's so difficult to restrain myself and get away from those food. Anyway, you don't get to eat those every day. They are seasonal dishes. Only comes once a year. =)

My throat is so itchy right now and the cough didn't help to ease the itch. It's getting worse. And I lost my voice. It sounds hoarse now like the witch in Hansel and Gretel or Snow White's stepmom in the witch form. Eew.

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