Wednesday, October 24, 2007

my today..


That's what I have been doing while listening to extremely DULL speeches.

Been in the school hall for about an hour plus listening to speeches and lousy performances just to get a cert for having full attendance this morning. The school should at least give us money. The world today is realistic, no? Getting a cert for being present in school every day is not enough. I want money!!!!

In conjunction with the Co-curricular Day, there were exhibitions and junk food fair. The prefects were raising funds by selling Chipster, Jack and Jill and Mister Potato at prices much higher than supermarkets. So smart in business eh? Besides, these junks are hazardous to students, especially to us who will be sitting for major examination next month. So black-hearted of them. It's just like killing two birds with one stone.

Firstly, they can drill a hole in our pockets.

Secondly, they can actually deteriorate our brain compartment for knowledge.

The surprising thing was, teachers were the ones buying those junks. Students are smart enough to stand firm and not to fall into temptation. So, who are the wise ones now? Hehe..

One of my friends said rather proudly, 'I eat junk food most of the time. I just don't care.'

Yeah, just wait till you are old and bent then you will suffer the hazards of it.

Today is a truly a dull day. There were only 6 people in my class as the other 7 went for their MUET speaking test.

Well, I did do some exercises though. Mom, I didn't waste my time at school. =D

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