Sunday, October 21, 2007

promo tour and bukit bendera pictures..

Yesterday, I went to Tesco Extra to see three TVB actors and actress namely, Steven Ma, Christine Ng and Wayne Lai. I was there to accompany See Mun who had just come back from KL so I was actually being a very good friend. =)

Before their arrival

We were early enough to stand in front so we managed to capture from a good angle.

From left: Wayne Lai, Christine Ng and Steven Ma

Another picture of them

The host for the promo tour, Vivian.

There are many more pictures but I am too lazy to upload them.

And here are some photos from my Bukit Bendera trip on October 6.

My sis and I

In the cable car

We finally reached the peak! The view of Penang from the hill.

Trio and the grasshoppers

Our grasshoppers! Only RM1 per grasshopper.
Two days later...

They have shrunk and evolved into brown grasshoppers!
RM3 flew away just like that.

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