Friday, October 05, 2007

shitty b*tch..

I was feeling very disappointed. That b*tch was such a complete idiot. Who does she think she is anyway? Queen of the world? Not even the queen of my heart. We save her from death and this is what we get? The other b*tch was way better than she is. Always being so likeable in the neighbourhood. Everyone just loved her. I bet they still do even after she departed to her eternal home in paradise.

Okay, back to the current b*tch. All our efforts went to waste. There are so many people starving in this world and she is one darn lucky fella to be fed till BLOATED. Doesn't she know what gratitude is all about? Gratitude, in her dictionary, is supposed to mean 'Just accept anything that has been offered to her regardless of whether she likes it or not'. Yet, she chose to be a heart-breaker. We gave her a home as we sympathise with her previous life experiences but she treats us this dreadful way.

The first time she didn't want to eat, we thought maybe she was shy. But this has been going on and on for almost two months. Being choosy is the worst kind of attitude.

The most idiotic being I have ever known so far:

You think you look cute?? NOT AT ALL, YOU B*TCH!! I will feed you nothing but cold bread crumbs and rain water if you still show your true colours.

Oh yeah, she is no longer Crystle White. She is Shitty Brown now. Her character stinks just the same like her faeces.

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