Friday, September 05, 2008

Typed on a cold night with my cold fingers.

I just noticed my last entry was written on Independence Day. Well, it didn't feel that way for me when I was in Penang. That is why I didn't even realized it was Independence Day when I looked at the date. The celebration is getting duller each year, I suppose. 51th anniversary wasn't special as it was not a golden or a diamond year. Let's see whether the 75th Independence Day will be as grand as the 50th.

My fingers are so cold right now. It has been like this for these few days probably due to the cool weather. They are not only cold, I can feel some dampness on the tips as well. I love this kind of weather although it is kind of inconvenient for me to go out. Rainy days are so cool.

Today, I went to the MATTA FAIR at the stadium with some of my college friends. It was not a huge fair but there are still some interesting things to see. For the first time, I saw a lady acting as a clown and some other girls wearing the traditional Korean outfit. I find the clothes beautiful. I am always fascinated with beautiful clothes but never interested to buy them. The same goes for shoes. I might just enter a shoe shop and try on pairs and pairs of them and I ended up exiting the shop empty-handed.

We were at one of the booths looking at the banners of interesting places in the Peningsular and there's one guy approached us and asked us, "So where are you planning to go?"

To which I replied, "We are planning to go somewhere within Perak."

He made a face to show dissatisfaction in response to my answer and told me to opt for better places. Somewhere definitely out of Perak.

"I haven't even finished touring around Perak. Why want to go other places?"

(I know he felt like smacking me at this point.)

I was having the best time of my life giving quirky answers and in the end it made him speechless. He even 'offered' to give us a free trip to Pangkor Island.

Hahaha!! Very funny. You think we will believe you that easily?

Speaking of Pangkor, the trip is cancelled. Another trip is planned though. Instead of going to Pangkor, we will be going for a day trip to Setiawan next Thursday. I hope it will be fun.

A new semester begins on the 15th which means the beginning of assigments and exam once more for me. However, as weird as it is, I can't wait to start another new chapter of my life.

Dearest Pey Shyan:
I am so sorry I didn't know about your departure date to Hong Kong so I could not go 'yum cha' with you but I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and do not forget me when you are rich and successful (maybe you might get married to a HK citizen and give birth to many, many lovely kids!). I am just kidding. =D

P/S: Banane, be patient, yeah? Your post will come out real soon. It'll be a surprise birthday gift. Oops, it's not really a surprise since I have told you about it. I will write all in Chinese so that you 'can' read it. =D I will find my ways to write in Chinese.

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