Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day trip to Pangkor Island

We started journey early in the morning to go to Lumut (initial plan) but we ended up on the island. Pangkor, here we come!

Let the pictures tell the tale.

This was how quiet Lumut was this morning. The cars on the road are so few.

The jetty

A deceiving place to trick people to think that this is really Pangkor when it is not.

Isn't the tree behind me beautiful?

Feeling excited to go on board.

This is not really a real tree but it looks real from far.

Me under the fake tree

Patrick from Bikini Bottom and me

Eunice trying to impersonate Patrick

Amidst the sea creatures stoned on the wall

The planks of wood leading to nowhere


What the crab???

Half an hour before we reached Pangkor.

The interior of the ferry

While waiting for the ferry to move. We 'self-loved' ourselves more.

Looks like a plane from the outside

Lunch hour!

Looks like the typical Penang fried kuey teow but this is actually a Thai-styled kuey teow. Tasted better than the regular ones. A must-try when you go to Pangkor.

The deserted street of Pangkor. This reminds me of filming sets.

What is so interesting about a trip to Pangkor Island without these? Must-buys.

Some more items


The signboard

A bike with a cute seat for toddler

Look at the pink vans! They are all for rent.

The same ferry but different compartment

The back of the ferry.

Breezy breeze

The wind as strong as ever

Moving fast

The ferry has finally slowed down.

Goodbye Pangkor Island!

In the ferry. Eunice is bringing world peace.

Someone lurking behind

Another shot

Final shot of the two of us in the ferry.

This is Lumut. Can you see the mossy land?

Later on, we went to shop for more 'junks' and then I bought a chocolate ice-cream. Too bad I didn't manage to capture the picture of the ice-cream because it was simply irresistable and I finished it really quick. I am not a glutton, okay?

It was a very exciting day trip. I love the ferry as it is air-conditioned now unlike the last time I went on board. The journey only took half an hour from Lumut to Pangkor. I don't mind if the journey is any longer.

Got to go back to college tomorrow to study. I am looking forward to more public holidays!

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