Monday, September 08, 2008

A night at Breeze Cafe

Went to Breeze Cafe last night and this was what I ordered.

A warm honey lemon drink

The tiny stage

That was how front we were to the stage. The best seat in the house!

So why did I go there?

I was accompanying my sister there to see her favourite singer, Nick Chung (you can get more details from her latest post) actually. =)

He sang quite a number of songs and later during the autograph session, my sister thrusted so many items for him to sign that I think he would be having sore arms by the time he left Ipoh.

I SHALL NOT post any pictures or videos of the night as I do not wish to steal the 'limelight' from my sister. I'll just let her do the posting of the pictures and videos. See, I am so kind and thoughtful. *ahem* *ahem*

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