Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dear Ju Dee,

This post is especially for you. However, there will not be any pictures as I am too lazy to upload them. Anyway, you have seen the pictures in facebook so it is unnecessary for me to put them here.

Our trip to Setiawan was a simple one so there is nothing much to write about. Let me just sum up what we did.

Well, of course, we went there to eat seafood and since you are allergic to crabs, you would have missed out all the fun even if you went with us. So, you actually did not miss anything.

We started our journey at 12 something in the afternoon on Thursday and I could not remember how long it took to reach our destination. It's pretty near I should say. We went to this small eatery named Makanan Laut Villa (if I didn't remember wrongly) and ordered various dishes made from saltwater creatures like oysters and crabs and of course FISH!. There's one dish which did not come from the sea. It was the bitter gourd dish (you dislike bitter gourd, don't you?). The only thing saltwater-ish in that dish was the salted eggs cooked with it. I tell you, the dish might appear and sound strange, but it was indeed a delicious dish.

Okay, the laziness is seeping in so I am stopping right here. I told you the post will be short because we did nothing much.

Why are you still reading? There is nothing else.

Oh yeah, induction's tomorrow and I need to get a good night sleep. I have been having these black rings 'tattooed' to my eyes for so many days because of late nights. It's time to have early nights now. Good night and I wish you have a speedy recovery. I will definitely pray for you as I do not want you to spread the pox to me! =D

Your friend who doesn't think you are a princess,

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