Saturday, September 27, 2008

I have a new pet named Smudgie. Crystle, I disown you now.

That was obviously a joke.

This morning we took Crystle for her second vaccination. Too bad I forgot to snap the pictures in the examination room but here are better pictures. There were some very cute puppies outside the veterinary and I was hugging one which I found to be the most adorable.

If I were to have her, I think I would name her Smudgie.

Look at the smudges on her nose area. So cute!

Another picture of dear Smudgie.

This is Smudgie's sister. She is a more reserved pup compared to Smudgie and the rest.

Dr. Gilbert (the vet)'s son. He looks so ABC-ish to me. The pup he was carrying actually bit him (not a painful one of course) and now he is trying to get his revenge by strangling her. Haha...

Smudgie loves being cuddled.

I will call this one Saffron as she reminds me so much of Saffy.

I still miss Saffy.

Look at the camera and smile! Saffron loves being photographed.

The other siblings.

The two eldest pups in another cage.

This is Crystle after her vaccination. I was hoping to see her jumped up when the doctor inserted the thermometer into her butt but she didn't.

Dr, Gilbert said 'Sodomised!' when he inserted the thermometer into her butt. So funny that everyone in the room laughed. Didn't know he would be so humourous as he looks serious most of the time.

Back at home , stronger than ever.

On another note, I don't know how to get my assignments started. Maybe procrastination is coming for a visit again. IT ALWAYS DOES THIS! Especially when I have something important to do.

I have less than a month to complete 3 assignments which is equivalent to 7.5k words?

Let's divide that with 25 days (the number of days in between today and the due date).

7500/25=300 words per day.

I just need to write 0.3k words a day. Isn't that just wonderful?

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