Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Assignment is here to kill

Sometimes things work out in the most mysterious ways.

I was mentioning about not getting my assignment questions yesterday/early morning today and when I stepped into class this morning, I could see the oh-so-white-and-bright A4 paper in my lecturer's hands. One lesson learnt:

Be careful of what you wished for.

Class today was pretty okay and something interesting happened when I saw a lizard on the wall at the far end of the class above the whiteboard. I then asked sir:

"Is the lizard dead?" (that question came through my mind because it had been remaining static for so long)

Then Ju Dee heard me and she started screaming when she heard me said 'LIZARD'. It was so hilarious! I think her voice can be heard from the ground floor.

There are plans made for the coming Raya break and I hope all will work out unlike the previous plans.

A note to Ju Dee: Do not be stupid. Being bulimic will kill you. God's creativity never fails so please do not change the beauty He had made in you. I love you the way you are. Everyone does!

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