Tuesday, July 03, 2007

sunshine fan package!!

A few months ago, I participated in the Reignite The Sun contest and I am the winner of the Sunshine Fan Package! Here is what I got. No phone though. Hehe..

Sunshine keychain. Turn it over and you can see the sun!

Sunshine playing cards. Now I am beginning to wonder how I am supposed to play with these ROUND cards.

Sunshine window stickers! Might be sticking them on the mirror. Maybe not. I'll just keep them. :)

Sunshine retractable stereo earphones! Cool!

Sunshine Digital Clock. I have a new alarm clock now. There's no need to use the phone again.

Sunshine mini digital photo frame. This is the coolest thing! I can load all my favourite photos in it!

Sunshine hover pen. Something is floating in the holder. Swaying all the way.

When the pen is no longer floating.

There are seven items all together. I hope I win something from Die Hard 4.0 contest too!!

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