Sunday, July 08, 2007

chopsticks or curlsticks?

Reached home at 11 p.m. just now. With the smell of smoke as perfume, I wanted a bath so desperately. And a drink of course! 100+ came to the rescue. How refreshing! =D

When I took the chopstick out from my hair, I was so glad to see the natural curls. Speaking of saving cost on perming it in saloons. Haha! I know how to perm my hair for future functions now. The day before the function, I would twist my hair into a bun the whole day. Oh, I think I would feel like a geisha doing that. LOL!!

This post is up to instill new knowledge to those who loves curls but are reluctant to part with their money. Try it. So many good points in using a chopstick to keep your hair twisted the whole day and get natural curls at the end of the day.

  • Firstly, you will never spoil your hair
  • Manageable hair all day long
  • Chopsticks are easily obtained
  • Chopsticks do not lose its elastic strength unlike rubber band
You see now why chopsticks are good? Do not be so rigid as to think that chopsticks are only used by Chinese during meal times. Their status has been elevated to being hair accessories too!

Another dumb post will be up soon.

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