Tuesday, July 17, 2007

dumplings, anyone??

Dumplings from The Land of Hornbills. They look so tempting yet you should never judge a book by its cover.

Wrapped in sengkuang leaves and bamboo leaves. See the green-coloured leaves? They are actually bamboo leaves.

The treasure within

I love dumplings but not Sarawak's. Too used to the food from the western side of Malaysia. Anyone who wishes to try these made-in-Sarawak dumplings just call me.

No, I don't make dumplings. I can help you to book your flight ticket to Sarawak. That's the best I can do. =)

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Anonymous said...

yummy dumplings???? looks yummy but i have always prefered dumplings from the west.. here they never like to use dark soya sauce in cooking anything at all. But the funniest part is they always use dark soya sauce mix water with cut chillies to eat with noodles. Everywhere you can find kolo mi.. if you want wanton mi they will just replace the stuff with wonton then it is wonton mi. So much for the time being.. take care ya........

- sapphire blu -

puiyun said...

gosh. i haven't been here in the longest time. and the only time i ever got close to you was by telling you to meet sarah in cb. terribly sorry girl. i'll patch up things when sarah comes back from kl and i'll meet up with you then. terribly terribly sorry. =)


puiyun said...

our picture in gray cos nice mar... profound memories. =) jeng jeng.


p/s: we should update some pictures of us already.. heh?