Saturday, July 14, 2007

happy birthday, dad!!

Happy birthday, dad! We went to Pizza Hut to celebrate. Quite a day out of luck, in my opinion.

We went to the Pizza Hut at Ipoh Garden first. As we could not find a parking lot, dad decided to go to the one at Giant. We reached there and there were ample parking lots. We walked hopefully towards Pizza Hut and guess what the waitress said?

It seemed that their ovens were spoiled and they were not cooking! I mean if they are not planning to receive any customers why don't they just shut their doors? It's funny to think how people do things these days. So, in the end, we went to Tesco Pizza Hut. We were beginning to feel doubtful. I jokingly told my sister, "Maybe all the branches are having trouble with their ovens." However, much to our relief, we managed to order our pizza from there.

Here it is! Forgot what the name was. Very, very cheesy but I loved it!

Drinking Pepsi while waiting for the order to arrive. I was so hungry then.

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