Thursday, June 02, 2011

A new place for dinner

There is an increase of variety of food at the area where I am staying. The new stall was just opposite the stall where Kah Men and I experienced the mini typhoon. Today, Alfred and I tried a new stall. Kah Men, we shall eat here another day!

The chicken fried rice that I ordered. Cost RM4. To me, it's delicious.

But Alfred thought otherwise. He felt that the chicken was too dry and the rice was tasteless. Good thing i did not order chicken rice.

The chicken rice that he ordered. RM3.50. The soup was undeniably very oily. He was right about that. But I think the chicken rice wasn't that bad.

Initially, tomorrow was supposed to be my off day but due to the busy period these days, I chose to work and claim my off day another day. So now I can go back earlier on the 22 June! I will have two full days in Ipoh. :)

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