Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pre-Ipoh, During-Ipoh and Post-Ipoh

I went to Straits Quay for the first time on Sunday (19 June 2011) which coincided with Fathers' Day so there was a flea market.

Kah Men and I opted for street food so we had these for our dinner.

A dumpling, banana pulut and angku kuih.

The banana pulut. It's something like apple pie with banana filling.

The dumpling that I missed having since last week.

Two bright orange angku kuih to complete my meal.

Besides those food, I also had a cup of organic soya bean milk. :)

I bought a novel by Josh Grisham and a DIY cross-stitch bookmark. I just couldn't help myself whenever I see cross-stitch.

I went back to Ipoh on the 21st June and it was a great trip as usual! Every time I go home, I feel it's my first time after staying in Penang for so long.

I miss the cuties so, so much!

This is Elsa being useless. Hahaha!!

Had a visitor and we went for dessert session at Woolley.

My choice. Delicious! There's konnyaku jelly at the bottom.

On the 24th, it was time to remove the stitches from the Elles.

Her ears stood up, finally.

The same day, I had Mee Rebus Ramli laksa for lunch.

This was how I usually ordered it. Nothing but the noodles and egg.

Another reason I came back this time was because it was my sister's 21st birthday! Happy birthday, Eunice! I know you have a lot of celebrations around so I shall help you celebrate virtually here. Hehehe!!

Here's a virtual cake with virtual candles. Blow the candles now!!

Today, I had pan mee at Peking Pan Mee shop. It was my first time there and the noodles were not bad. I especially love the soup that came with the dried noodles I ordered.

Noodles with lots of ikan bilis on top.

Later in the evening, with a heavy-laden heart, I set foot on this Transnasional bus and came back to Penang.

I was lucky to get a single seat throughout the entire journey. Good thing the bus was designed that way whereby the first half were double seats and the second half were single seats, 3 in a row.

Back to work tomorrow. I wonder if I still remember what to do at work. Hmm...

Holiday makes me lazy.

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