Monday, June 13, 2011

All about Garfield

I should be posting pictures about the Elles but I think I should post about Garfield today. You can't really put cats and dogs in the same post. Okay, I am just giving excuses coz I am plain lazy to upload more pictures. :P

Today, I went to have dinner at the stall where I first met Garfield. I love him very much. My love for cats had grown. Hahaha!!!

Garfield! Garfield!!

Sleepy look.

Grooming himself again.

Dozing off, I suppose?

I ordered a plate of prawn fried rice which cost me RM6.00 (this is after discount because I had been regular or else it would be RM7.00). Not bad huh? I got a discount of about 14% by dining by the road.

Check the rice out!

It did look like something that came out from some atas restaurant. Delicious!

The prawn heads I gave to Garfield which he finished and asked for more. Sorry, kitty, I could only share the prawn heads with you. Not other parts of the prawns, okay?

After dinner, I cat-watched.

I feel like cuddling it all the time.

Finally sleeping after having 4 prawn heads as his meal.

Superman style. He must be dreaming of flying in his dream. Hehehe!!!

The waiting is always the most tormenting part. I feel a tinge of nostalgia because I had the same emotion when I was in Lower Six. The waiting is driving me crazy.

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