Friday, June 17, 2011

Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe

I had an awesome lunch today! Thank you for treating me, aunty! So where did I go for lunch?

Initially I was thinking of going to a stall for lunch so I was not properly dressed. Just shorts with slippers. And Steph's mom took me to Hard Rock Cafe. I felt so embarrassed dressing the way I did walking into the restaurant. I could at least put on a more decent shoes if I knew it. :P

The set lunch menu. The price looked less scary than the a la carte menu. :)

I have selected the grilled chicken skewer topped with percik sauce served with raisin rice and spicy brinjal for main course and lemonade as my drink.

The setting placed in the middle of the table.

The soup of the day. There were carrots inside.

The delicious soft and fresh bread! Yummy!

The main course! The chicken on skewers tasted like satay!

Stephanie's choice of pasta as her main course.

Then it's dessert time!

Don't let the picture fool you! The 3 scoops of ice-cream are mini mini scoops. They did look like huge scoops in the picture. That's how advertisement cheats people. Focus the lens real close and you will get the result like this. :)

4 days to go.

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