Thursday, May 27, 2010

A little of KL and mostly Ipoh

Before the photos start to mould and get stinky, here's the post with a little bit of KL and mostly in Ipoh.

I met with my favourite round bed once again as the display of Getha.

They have changed the bedding. Funky orange. Me likey! Looks like my Corby. Hehe...

I realised I snapped the same picture 2 years ago on Christmas Eve.

This bedding comes with soft toys. Why no soft toys for the recent picture? The bed has gotten older and does not like soft toys anymore. :(

A lamb wearing goggles. Cute!

Saw this Car Odour Eliminator in one of the hardware shops. Poor Golden Retriever has become the bad guy here. Do dogs really smell that badly? I don't think so lor.... Should have put cat poop instead. I can't imagine the picture of the poop displayed on the label. Wahahaha!!!

Went to the night market on Tuesday after claypot dinner at K-10. Sorry, Ju Dee. The weather curse didn't work. It was still very hot till midnight. Sigh.

Poodles for sale too? This is Lui Lui. She is a kung fu dog because she can sit on the fishes without bursting their plastics. Got qi gong one leh... Seriously no joke.

Lui Lui's soul mate. Very handsome dog.

The mood to rear fish is back again 10 days ago.

Ten days later... The fish died.

There goes my Ikan Bilis. Sob sob!!

Headed to a pet shop on Wednesday to get some fishes. The first shop did not have durable fishes. When I say durable, I mean fishes that are easy to maintain without the need for air pump or bubbles.

Rainbow bird. Don't know the real name. Saw this in the first shop I went to.

She/He has got blue butt. Hahaha!!

Found my durable fishes in the second shop.

Guppies! They keep swimming and swimming all day. I think they are like goldfish which has only 3-second memory. So that's why they swim a lot. Anywhere is a new adventure at all times.

Another 2 fishes for the smaller container. One of them is a pirate which only has one eye. If you look closely in the picture, the fish at the back has its eye missing. Mystery. I have no idea how it got lost.

Watching The Mentalist Season 1 Episode 3 now!

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Anonymous said...

wow so much to see here... very tired but after reading this post suddenly i am so alert again. thanks for your wonderful post.


mike said...


Cat poop is seriously SMELLY. I assure you, my judgment of cat poop's smell is not, in any way affected by the fact i hate cats. =)

Ikan bilis: murderer.

Love this post. Funny. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Fiona said...

@mike I didn't kill my fish okay? It died naturally. Huhuhu... Stop rubbing salt into my wound.. =(

Nic said...

those 2 poodles so CUTE ^^