Sunday, May 02, 2010

Baby rat in Aberdeen!

Happy Labour Day, everyone! It's a not a belated although it's after 12am now and tomorrow, I mean today is Sunday is Sabbath Day so everyone should continue have a rest day praising God in church!

Went to Aberdeen for a cuppa on Labour Day with Eunice, Deric and Sue Jane. These are what we had.

All different colours!

One shocking incident happened there when Sue Jane felt something crawling on her feet and it was a baby rat! I took time to decipher what that creature was because firstly, I have never seen a baby rat before (not a still blind one at least!), and secondly, I didn't expect such supposedly clean place to have rats. Feeling absolutely disgusted by it. Yuck!

Here's a video of Cyril performing magic in Japan. You don't have to understand the language to be amazed. Check it out!

Now, is that believable or what?

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Anonymous said...

so amazing.. how did the crocodile turn real and became logo again..