Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Before I face Inevitable 3 for the final time

I wanted to blog about my KL trip (only a little of it coz I don't remember the details anymore) but I am too lazy to upload the photos ONE BY ONE like I usually do for other posts as I have no cable for Corby. No money to buy la. Poor me. So settle with words alone, okay?

Still stuck with Inevitable 3. Gonna finish hopefully by tonight. I know I have to write that down here so that I have no reason to slack off. Promises made must be kept. You must be thinking I am a fool making promises to my blog when it wouldn't be able to tell if I am lying or not.

Have started watching The Mentalist yesterday. Wow, it was good! I need to get myself updated with these television shows.

Interesting day at college today. Ju Dee is a contact lens celebrity now who teaches people the proper way to put them on. Watch it now!

2 wrote a note:

Nic said...

lol, boring until play her len ar... haha

Fiona said...

Yeah lor. Too bored already. Ever since you and bih tong left, we are bored people. hahaha