Monday, May 31, 2010

6 males in a tank

It's the last day of May. 2010 is almost halfway through it's journey to 2011.

And it's also the sleepiest day of my life. The weather's sweet and motivates me to continue sleeping like nobody's business.

I just found out (pretty much sure with a confidence of 95%) that all my guppies are males. There goes my hope to breed them and get more guppies. I would really like to see the birthing process. Sad. If I were to buy more guppies, I need more than 6 females. My tank is too small for 12 guppies.

I hope they can last more than ten days. Or even more. Today is the fifth day I have had them. Please, please, please LIVE. DON'T DIE.

2 wrote a note:

Nic said...

ohhh no... little poor guppies

duyun said...

haha. good luck fi! it usually takes skill to rear fish. skill i don't own. maybe thanks to my strong liking for dogs. =D