Friday, May 06, 2011


I am too lazy so just crapped out a post to entertain myself and my silent readers.

Just enjoy it.

The day before yesterday, I went to Pinang Emas again for dinner and we had jolly great fun. Just a simple meal can make me so happy.

See, Cecilia is two-faced! Literally. Panoramic shot failed!

Notice how Alfred had a sun-like glow above his head like some angel.

Friends, they are your gem when you have no money to buy from Tiffany's. :) They are priceless.

Yesterday, I saw many kitties at SMC and they were all very complacently sleeping on the chairs. Here's one being very shameless and too lazy to move that I managed to snap its picture.

It was a lazy afternoon for Kitty. Still, it distanced itself away from me whenever I tried to touch it.

It's a pity my hand was a little shaky while taking this picture. Couldn't snap another one as Kitty ran away.

Shortly after that, some Japanese tourists saw the cats and started snapping away like they were exhibits in the zoo. And I felt like a zookeeper.

This rainforest tree is said to be 100 over years old. Since I will be leaving SMC soon, I reckon it's right for me to snap some pictures as mementos.

The outdoor section of Spice Market Cafe. I hate working here because I sweat while working. Super uncomfortable. But I enjoy the experience. :) So ironic, huh?

The following section consists of food. Make sure your bellies are filled before consuming the photos with your eyes.

Chocolate fondue! Been dying to try this for ages but yet to have the chance. Soon, one day, I will try!

An assortment of dessert for the International Buffet night. Sugar overdose! I feel diabetic looking at the pictures.

Ingredients for ice kacang. The Malaysians' favourite during hot weather.

Been tortured in SMC looking at the food every day but not getting to taste them so I am taking revenge by posting about the pictures so you get tortured too! Forgive me for being EVIL!! Hahahaha!!!

I had a simple lunch for today.

A bowl of Cintan Noodles Laksa Flavoured with An Egg.

Then I got tempted by the food from the International Buffet again but I got rewarded.

A sinful cake for me to enjoy. On top of that, I had coffee creme brulee too. I need more insulin looking at the picture now.

I ate the whole thing by myself. Good thing there is no weighing machine here or I will be worried sick having to think of ways to lose weight. What I don't know won't hurt me (I think).

Too much of sweets can be harmful. I better drink more water to dilute the sugar level in my body. Does water help? Hope it does. :P

2 wrote a note:

dr1/6 said...

silent reader here =)

the occasional sweet or two or three is good for the soul ;)

Anonymous said...

Drink lots of water will help dilute the sugar in your blood stream. Read that food like Foods like garlic, eggs (my favourite) , onions and peanuts will help too. Happy trying.