Monday, October 13, 2008

Indulgence pictures

Finally the pictures are uploaded by our dear photographer. Thanks a bunch!

Four of us while waiting for our food.

Patricia and I

(See, I didn't call you 'lou ling'. Oops!)

The section where we sat.

The beautiful lightings and the fan. I love the antique look of the ceiling.

Crockery and cutleries

The cruet set.

The sugar was yellow in colour so we mistook it for cheese. 'Cheese' has never tasted so sweet. Yuck!

Hot lemon tea.

Corn bread and the salty butter which I liked very much.

Passion and mango fruit drink.

I thought it was banana juice at first. =P

The graffiti on the wall.

Chicken bolognese spaghetti

My lasagne

Ju Dee's 'favourite and most memorable' dish. Tuna Vue.

Puffed Chook. Looked so tempting.

Some pictures of their achievements

The ladies

The gents

I am so sorry but you seemed to be the only seat available under Indulgence.

Ju Dee fell in love with it instantly.

Another picture before we left.

It was raining when this picture was taken.

This was how much we ate.

P/S: There's this stupid Malay pervert who had nothing better to do, not even nonsense deliberately hit my hips with his filthy wrist as I walked past when I went for dinner. Idiot, you did that on purpose and you think I am as idiotic as you not to notice. Totally brainless. I am not going to curse you or anything but I just wish that the next time you try to attempt to molest others, you will get caught and get sent behind bars in the zoo and be molested by the smelly hands of gorillas and monkeys for eternity. That serves you right.

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