Friday, October 31, 2008

Everything Thai for today. =)

Today was an interesting day because I get to watch a horror movie. I don't know why, but I just love movies from this genre. The Coffin was surprisingly not disappointing but it was actually quite an impressive horror flick after The Shutter. Why did I say this? Most of the horror movies made in Thailand that I've watched so far were not up to my standard (or you can say not up to the expectation of viewers who love Japanese and Korean types of horror movies) so I wasn't expecting much from this movie either. The quality in terms of the sound and storyline for other Thai horror movies was horrendous. Take The Dorm as example. I got bored watching that show.

During the movie, Ju Dee was clutching onto my arms so tightly that I thought some blood capillaries of mine burst. I broke the record for being the first person ever getting out of the cinema bruised all over.

Okay, that was obviously a joke.

There were some funny moments in the cinema. Chee Leong, who wasn't an avid fan of horror flicks got the most challenging experience. The movie was said to pose an even a greater challenge than the rides in Genting (a confession he made during lunch). Imagine, paying a meager RM6 just to get the same exhilarating feeling (maybe even more). See how much you have already saved up if you were to spend it on the rides in Genting?

Back to the story. I could not remember what or when, but The-One-Who-Hates-Horror-Movies suddenly decided to drink his water and spurted some water (he claimed that it was a suppressed form and I wonder if it wasn't suppressed, I would have been drenched. LOL). It was seriously funny for everyone who heard about it later. So it became the joke of the day.

(Chee Leong, forgive me if your mishap became the joke of the day. It had already been popularised in Patricia's blog. So this is just a recap. =P)

After the movie, we set foot to Johnny's as planned days and days ago for our tomyam steamboat. Something Thai again. This was pure coincidence. It didn't cross our minds at all that we would be watching and eating something Thai for the day. The food was fabulous and I ate a tad more than I should.

I am now in the process of getting my cross-stitch project done. It's almost a year now. Will be posting up the pictures of the process once I am done. Then I will get it framed in my room. My first ever finished 32,000 squares of crosses.

Arthur Foo is an awesome writer. I love his wits and humour in his novel. Brown Sugar is truly one of its kind.

Currently my favourite song: God Of My Forever

The Chinese version with chords: 我永遠的救主

The lyrics are so beautiful.

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