Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dear Eve,

If you are reading this, I just want you to know that no matter how far I am from you, you can still pour out your problems to me for you are one of my bestest friends and I want to be there for you. I know God is putting you through a series of challenges but I am sure you will be able to overcome it. Trust me, I have seen you overcome bigger problems before. What can be more difficult than handling the 'monster' way back in Form 6 (I don't think 'the monster' reads my blog anyway)?

Being away from hometown can be sickening as you will meet new people and these new people who do not know your past will not understand you in the shortest time. Fret not, you will soon get acquainted to your housemates and everything will be fine. When you said that you are struggling because I am not with you, I think this is the time that God has set apart for you to get to know yourself and learn about how the world really works i.e. meeting strangers and coping life living under the same roof with them.

I remembered your mom telling me to take care of you when we entered Form 6 but you actually did fairly well without me. I was the one being dependent on you. I was the one who needed you to guide me to take the town bus back home. You learnt independence so much quicker than I did.

Cry no longer for the tears are better saved for things much worthwhile. Swollen eyes do not look good on anyone. I wish I could just stretch out my arms and give you a warm and encouraging hug so that you will have the strength to cope with your problems.

I will not abandon you and my number is always available twenty-four-seven for a chat. Don't you just love the phone? No matter how depressed you are, you can still talk to someone you are comfortable with no matter how far that person might be.

And I am glad that the person is me.

Do take care always and may God bless you in everything.

Your chum,

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