Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Any Anas out there?

I suddenly have this sense of urgency to post about something certain people of the world do to prevent from getting fat. Or what I would say, prevent from getting flesh.

Dearest Julie, if you ever do drop by at my humble site, have pleasure reading. I put these pictures below just for you to enjoy. They are your models so you mustn't criticize the way they look.

Picture 1: Beautiful girls in their own way but one of them ate all her own flesh (the one on the left, obviously).

Let's name the anorexic girl Ana, shall we? The other girl should be called Ann.

Ann leads a healthy lifestyle by eating a sufficient amount of food on time unlike poor Ana. She is deprived from food.

Oh, Julie! I can never imagine your life in Malaysia. I am sure you will book the next flight to go back to where you belong because you simply cannot resist food here. Having said that, I don't mean that we are people who eat non-stop till we are fat. EATING=FAT is a ridiculous equation. Okay, you would probably say that you eat but not as much as 'we fatsos' (as you would absent-mindedly call us) but I can assure you, eating a grain of corn per meal is not eating (this is merely an example and does not depict your real eating habit). Get it??

You must be anticipating to see what picture number 2 is.

Picture 2: Exposing beautifully-formed ribcage

This picture can haunt me in my sleep. Even the picture of Linda Blair being possessed in Exorcist does not look half as scary. Do you look like this, Julie?

If you do, then please do not reveal yourself to me. I still need my sweet dreams.

Picture 3: Modelling on the runway

Look at the face. Gorgeous. Look at the body. Gosh!!

Julie, are you a model too?

Picture 4: The finale

Julie chanting to self: I am fat. I am fat. Need to lose more weight. Oh, scratch that. I mean flesh.

I know what your horror movies are, Julie. Surely it's the Big Momma's House and also The Nutty Professor. To me, these two are the best movies ever made to taunt anorexics. =)

P/S: Julie is a Britsh who speaks perfect English as well as other languages like German, French and so on. Such a perfect girl yet she is allergic to Ju Dee. I mean, how harmful can a healthy girl be? She called me fat too. Oh, not to forget she even called me 'chicken'. I should count myself lucky that word does not start with a 'W'. To read more of the conversation I had had with her, please move on to Ju Dee's chatbox. Thank you.

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