Monday, August 10, 2009

Last day for relaxation

Okay, so the trip to Bukit Merah is cancelled due to Mr. H1N1. I was anticipating that trip and now I have to stick to my usual itinerary on Saturday. Not a bad idea, though. I can give the youths at church a surprise visit since everyone thinks I won't be around.

I am having a slight flu now and I hope it's the type that come and pass as usual. I don't want more symptoms of the dreadful pandemic.

Miss Rachel sent me a message informing about the commencement of class tomorrow. Today is a day I must truly treasure. Last day for me to relax. Then it's back to taking notes and keeping my ears open for lectures. I haven't been writing for the past two weeks so my handwriting will be horrible for the first few days of classes. Sigh.

Just a few more semesters to go. I will perservere.

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