Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feeling lazy AGAIN

Ignyte meetings for the past few weeks have been fun with the addition of two new members, Jessica and Nicole. They were on their summer holidays in Malaysia (which has summer all year long with some rain=P). Time flies past us so swiftly that it's time for them to fly back to the west next week. I will miss you both!

Jess and I

We are so lucky to have Facebook and MSN today, enabling us to keep in touch 24/7 regardless of what time zone we are in. Interaction between people can never be easier.

Feeling lazy to go back to college tomorrow. I just want to sleep in this kind of cool weather. Help me get rid of the lazy chromosomes, people. If only that's possible.

Dad's gone to Vietnam to eat some disgusting (exotic) food. Poor snakes. Poor chameleons.

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