Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weekend in KL

This was how I spent my weekend. We have a one-night complimentary stay (for some reason), one room of each hotel; Seri Pacific Hotel and The Legend Hotel.

Seri Pacific Hotel

Dad and bro had decided to stay here so my sis and I stayed in the hotel across the road (The Legend Hotel).

Front view

Look how tall it is. There are 30 floors in total.

The following pictures are the interior of the room. No doubt, it is really cozy. I love the wooden flooring. It's the first hotel that I have been to that has a wooden flooring rather than the normal carpeted ones.

The sink of the bathroom is divided by a glass panelling.

The corridor to the door

Comfy bed

Bro's favourite location of the room

Plasma TV for watching Disney and other programmes

Sis getting comfortable on the sofa

In the bubble lift.

My sis and I went down from the 25th floor to the ground floor and then back up to the 30th floor before going down to the ground floor and out we went back to the hotel on Saturday night. It's really fun!

This is the hidden minibar behind the study table

Bathtub and water closet

Lights from nowhere?

Rain shower

The Legend Hotel

The room is really legendary. We got the room number 2009. As we walked along the rooms on the 20th floor, it's as if we were travelling through a time machine.

Welcome to Year 2009!

One for you, one for me

Desktop in the room! Once shut down, it cannot be turned on again. Sigh.

Better sofa than Seri Pacific's

Let's fast forward to the next day. We pre-celebrated dad's birthday at Nando's (not again, I hear some of you say but I am really beginning to love that place!)

Bro's set (I was too embarrassed to show my food picture coz it was halfway through consumption. Forgot to snap before tucking in)

Dad said it's okay to 'invest' in Starbucks once in a while. From left: Caramel + Cream Frappucino, Chocolate

Another shot of my drink

Throughout the weekend, I had excellent appetite and craved for food most of the time. The buffet at Legend was not as good as the last time but at least there were delicious dishes like the Beef Rendang and the Fish Curry to shut me up from complaining. =)

Exam is in 9 days. Still unprepared. When the time comes, I will be. Hopefully.

And here's a random picture of me snapped at the Hot Market at The Mall (next to Legend Hotel)

This is how specs can change the way you look.

(All photos are credited to Deric Lee)

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since when ur eye become so BIG?

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heard any ghost stories about the hotels?