Monday, July 20, 2009


Have you ever experienced being in the present moment of time yet at the same time, you are aware that you are nowhere in the moment. The feeling is sort of having a veil that separates you from the present. I know it's weird but I experience that pretty often ever since I was young.

Exam's in two days. I can't wait for Saturday to come. I have seen the past year papers but I have no idea what kind of questions I will be getting. Whatever it is, I will depend on God to give me the wisdom to interprete the questions precisely and have the ability to answer coherently. I just wish to pass. It's not too much to ask, right? =)

Crystle got herself groomed by mom and now she looks so babyish. You know, like the young of a cross-breed of a dog and a sheep. So cute!

Bonding Time

Below is a video of Crystle avoiding from me tickling her. =)

P/S: I hate today. And it's not because of the ulcer below the gums.

2 wrote a note:

rebel_heart said...

Good luck for your exams (:

Ju Dee said...

i like crystal new collar hahahah and and she looks so cute.... holiday i come your house play with her =)