Sunday, July 05, 2009

Babes from high school

The friends that you make in high school are the very people you will always remember even though you have gone to college and have met a new set of friends. Some of them are back in town and we met up.

It's never boring to talk about our school life although the topic is repeated year after year since we graduated from high school.

Some photos snapped to freeze our good times. Courtesy of Eza.

Me and Stefanie

(Notice that Stef's glass is empty!)

From left: Sarah, Stef, Eza, me (Ben as the photographer)

A little bit blurry as this was snapped by one of the waiters in Black Canyon. Anyway, thanks Mr. Waiter!

Everyone who has seen these pictures thought that I work at Jusco. One even thought that I had become the manager of Jusco. Haha, very funny, Shatirah! If it is so, I will choose to drop out from college right now.

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puiyun said...

haha. stef. ben as in chee lupp?? i haven't seen him for a while now. i don't think he remembers me.