Friday, July 10, 2009

Cupcake Model 2009

This week has been an interesting one. Miss came up with the idea to have a Cupcake Model competition and the winner is selected based on the number of votes that is received from the students as well as the staffs. Here are the candidates:

(all photos are credited to Miss Nurainie)

Contestant No. 1: Pek Wan

Contestant No. 2: Soong Seng

Contestant No. 3: Kang Wei

The winner would get a cash prize of RM50. Hey, that's a lot of money to get just to stand and say cheese in front of the camera!

Voters don't drop from the sky so intensive marketing is essential to get votes. Look at the faces of the 'judges' below. It's only RM1 per vote to determine your winner!

Going from class to class, floor by floor to gain support from everyone. The response was good.

So what do the voters get? Nobody will vote if there's no benefit so there were four lucky draws to be given out (2 from the Vote-In Box and another 2 from the Vote-Out Box). The more the voters vote, the higher their chance is to win a cash prize of RM20! Just imagine if you only vote once and get called out for the lucky draw, you would gain RM19 for doing nothing! There is no such thing as free money but our four lucky draw winners can say otherwise!

Lucky Draw Winners

Joyce Phang

Jacky Chan

Another two lucky dudes were Haresh and Choke (a student from the Hotel Programme)

The most interesting part next was the crowning of Cupcake Model 2009.

And the winner is...

Pek Wan!!!!!!!!!!!!! *throws confetti in the air*

Miss Cupcake 2009

Congratulations! You have won yourself RM50...

... I mean, 50 RM1s. Now she's a Money Model!

The group picture of the contestants. We are all CHAMPIONS, yeah!

From left: Senget Seng with his senget pose, Pek Wan the pretty one, Kang Wei the Underdog a.k.a. the Handsome (give you the nickname you dream for)

Group pictures:

Hosteurs Club

The semester has come to an end. I will miss you all!!

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puiyun said...

i will also vote pek wan. heh! simply because she's pretty and i would buy cupcakes from pretty girls. or maybe it's because i'm such a sexist human. =) heh. you've finished your course??

khairul said...

no judee in any of the pics 1?