Monday, July 21, 2008

Trailblazer 2008

Trailblazer on Saturday was fun.

Look at how large the money was (We were given $5 at the start of the day). I think they were afraid that we might lose it throughout the challenges so the organizing committee deliberately enlarged it.

On another note, yes, I had chopped off my hair.

The two-dollar bill.

One dollar bill.

Bih Tong and I are rich with money. She said that it was 'munny' (the kind of money that you can earn in fluffbook in Facebook).

Another shot before the challenges started.

We were divided into our clusters and these are my group members!

We were in the CREAM (the colour of the shirt we wore) CLUSTER!

Can you spot me?

This picture was taken after the results were announced and unfortunately, our cluster only managed to get second place. The Blue Cluster got to go to Papan for their final challenges (to fight for RM10,000) but anyway, we got back the money we earned throughout the game in real cash! Yes, they converted for us. It's only RM10 per person, but it's really a good feeling to get back our money.

There's also a goodie bag for everyone. The contents were:

  • A February 2008 Galaxie magazine
  • A complimentary ticket to watch movies with (*) label in any Golden Screen Cinemas
  • A voucher to get a free regular-size Domino's Pizza
  • A pen with four different ink colours
  • A notebook courtesy of Maybank
  • A newspaper article with Trailbazer news a day before (18 July 2008)
  • An environment friendly bag from Blackmores

After a really, really tired day.

Our team tag: The Challengers was supposed to be the correct spelling.

I think I am starting to fall sick. Going to take some panadols before I leave for college later.

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