Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bread pudding and Sweet Pastry

We made sweeter stuffs as the weeks go by. Ju Dee bought a new camera so I am promoting the quality of her 7.2 megapixels pictures here.

This is the soaking-and-squeezing process of the soggy bread.

It's not at all a pretty sight but something that looks gross like this can turn into something so beautiful and delicious.

Mixing in all the ingredients.

Before baking it in the oven.

Meanwhile, Ju Dee is catching up what she missed out in last week's class.

She was feeling so proud after sieving the flour.

The crusts before they are baked.

Ding! The bread pudding is finally ready.

The crusts being baked before the filling is added in.

Time to tuck in, everyone!

Peachy and creamy

More alien designs courtesy of Ju Dee and us.

That's all about our cooking practical on Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Judee's design really weird~ tht's y miss also said tht her group is the ugly group~