Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Joker rocks the show!

Still coughing like crazy today except for the hours when I was at church. It's really a wonderful thing to be in the house of God because all the pains and sicknesses that I have seems to go away and will never come again. Praise God for that. =)

I've watched The Dark Knight today and I would say that it's really not bad. I really loved the scenes when the Joker appeared.

Why so serious?

Do you know how I got this scar?

Let me put a smile on that face.

He is just so funny in a creepy way. It's so sad to know that it is his final movie. If only he were to be still alive.

Just bought the ingredients to try out the soup for the food project. I just hope I don't mess things up on that day. The soup is really simple to make as it does not involve heat or pot. All I need to do is just to whiz everything together in the blender and chill it before it is ready to be served. So, what is the name of the soup? I will reveal it later when I have made it successfully.

The cross-stitch project is still under construction as I have been feeling lazy as usual. Procrastination often gets the better of me and I am still wondering why. I hope the picture will be completed before 2008 waves goodbye. I will try my best to complete it before next year, I promise.

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Anonymous said...

you watched that show without me?