Tuesday, April 01, 2008

i am leaving for good..

After a long deliberation, I have finally decided. I am terminating this blog for good. I will give my username and password to anyone who wishes to write here. I will be very grateful if there is anyone who is willing to keep this site alive.

Some of you might be thinking, "What on earth makes me make such a sudden decision? What makes this entry pop up?"

Well, it is really simple. I know I have been missing for eight days and Duyun is missing me so, so much so here I am to tell everyone that I QUIT.

I am so uninspired therefore the best option will be shutting this place down while waiting for a new owner to come by.


Just call/sms/e-mail me for further information if you think you are committed enough to 'adopt' this blog.

If you have read up to this line, I suppose you still want to know whether this is for real or it is just an April Fool's joke. This is NOT a joke, I tell you. I cannot be more serious.

One final line before I terminate myself to be the owner of this blog.

The content above is entirely the imagination of all readers. Have a good first April! =D

1 wrote a note:

Anonymous said...

haha I really kena tipu already. I thought you really give up on updating this blog. The way you said it was like so real. I thought you want to concentrate on your studies and no more writing blogs. However if you think you want to terminate I will be the first person to say Yes I will adopt your blog. You know why? well the answer is simple. I like the title of your blog. Have fun