Saturday, March 22, 2008

of good friday and easter..

Update: My college life will commence on the 12th May! Another month or so to enjoy. Yay!

It was Good Friday yesterday and I loved the performances and the message. During the start of the service, everyone was given a red ribbon with some words printed on the strip. It said, 'My sins - His forgiveness'. I felt so touched. He loves me the way none others could. I tucked the ribbon safely in my IC and licence card holder before the pastor told us that we were supposed to use it later to respond.

I thought I could keep it. When the pastor explained that we were to nail the ribbon strip onto a cross, I knew this was something that I could do to tell Jesus that I am grateful for what He had done for me to cleanse me from my sins.

Tomorrow will be Easter. It's not the day when bunnies and Easter eggs are the heroes but Jesus is. So remember, Easter is to remind us about the victory of Jesus over death and not these commercialised goods just like Santa during Christmas. It's all about Jesus.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Day To You

Anonymous said...

Very touching words. Continue to focus on Him. He is always there for us.