Thursday, March 13, 2008

the beginning of my life after this..

There is nothing for me to wait for since the result is out. It's not the time to continue my 'mushroom project' any longer because I don't need it. All I need to do now is to fill up forms and start photo-copying some documents for scholarship application purposes.

My very first semester in college will start next month. A place where I need to wear a uniform. I love uniform. I feel smart wearing it even if I do not have a single idea of what is in store for me.

I guess I will post a lot about my college life next month. Don't get bored reading them okay? I will try to make them look interesting.

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Elinluv said...

We won't get bored. Enjoy what you are doing and you will perform well. That's the most important thing. Aunty wishes you all be best and enjoy your college life. It is so much better than working life....^______^

thepinkbanana said...

college? where?