Tuesday, April 15, 2008

penang, here i come again!!

I must appreciate this month/time/moment/day that I have now because it's a period which does not come often. It's the idle period. I don't have to study nor work. Basically these are what I do not have to do for the past five months or so. In addition to that, I get to go to Penang this weekend to idle more at beach, clad in bikini.

Okay, I am joking about the bikini part.

I am pretty excited as this will be one of the times we go to beaches. Usually, we would just go rot in the room or did some window-shopping in Queensbay or Gurney Plaza.

I just hope I won't drown myself.

It's too bad Crystle cannot tag along. She would have so much fun swimming in the salty water.

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Anonymous said...

hi its me again. so happy at last u updated your blog. I was just thinking if you were planting mushrooms and forgot all about your blog.

-sapphire blu speaks her mind-
do continue to visit my blog k?