Friday, September 21, 2007

my trip to the pearl of orient..

On the 15th and 16th September, I had quite a nice trip to Penang. Some fun events happened and many pictures were snapped. We first went to The Botanical Gardens where the monkeys roam free. I've never seen so many monkeys together at once.

If you wish to see the monkeys clearer, click on the pictures.

Can see the monkey on the bench behind us?

Some other 'great climbers' along the bridge.

The water below was flowing swiftly and yet they could cross the bridge using the pipes along the bridge. Can you see the yellow pipe on the left of the picture? The monkeys sure have fantastic grips.

Hey, buddy! Want some bananas??

I stretched out my clenched fist and that little fella came closer to look. When I opened my palm, he ran away. He thought I really had some bananas for him!

The baby monkey is so cute!!

We saw the dad carrying it around outside the gardens and it was clinging to him tightly. How I wish I could kidnap (or should I say, monkey-nap?) it and let it join the rest of my pets at home.

Later that evening, we went to Gurney Plaza and it was there when all the exciting moments began. The Pensonic 25th Anniversary Roadshow was held there and they had plenty of games and performances. Some famous people were there too. I'll keep you guessing till I reach the 'famous people part, ok? I volunteered to play a game without knowing what game it was. As soon as I got up the stage, I could not help but to think that it's game over for me...
Standing on stage, dumbfounded.


My dad joined too.

Struggling to put the pieces together.

Well, of course they did gave us a demo before asking us to fix the fan. I'm not a genius and I need to watch and learn.

In the end, I lost. The winner was a girl who fixed her fan within like, 30 seconds or so? Maybe she's a natural born talent in this field. =D

From left: Mom, Steve Yap and me

If anyone of you have watched Trio And A Bed, he was Amber Chia's boyfriend. I don't know anything more about him. Go google him up for more info.

Guess I don't have to put a caption here as everyone knows who she is, right? She's so friendly that she can chat with you like an old friend.

Now you see why I say she's friendly? She was willing to snap so many photos with us when there were other people waiting to snap with her!

The next event was an ironing competition. The person who can iron the best wins.

Mom and sis joined in this event.

The DJ asked Amber to do the demo for this game. Reluctantly but sportingly, she did. Quoted from the DJ, "So this is how Amber irons when she is late for her fashion shows."

Left and right, back and forth in one swift movement.

Nice or not? Clap for me, please!!

The contestants' turn. Can my mom and sis defeat the small boy?

The end result: Definitely looked better than Amber's work. No offence, Amber. =P

And the winner is, my mom!! Tada!!

The prize was a dry iron. Anyone interested in buying it? I can sell it to you at a lower price.

Performance after the ironing competition.

Alan Yun (who starred in Gubra) and mom

Feeling so much shorter that time.

I seriously need to stand on stilts to snap with these people. However, no matter how tall they are, they can never beat the guy below:

He's the second tallest man in the world. I snapped this photo at Queensbay Mall using my phone silently. The guard in the picture was looking at me while I pretended that I was texting someone when the truth was, I was busy getting a good shot of him. Can't remember his name though. All I know is that he's a Pakistani.

So the picture above is an illegal picture. You will need to pay RM15 to have a picture with him. The money collected will be used to help the unfortunate ones.

Another best thing that I enjoyed about this trip was the dinner at the hotel. We were suppposed to be dining by the sea but the wind was too strong so we had to eat indoors.

The desserts which caused me to gain so much calories

Indonesian layered cake, some puddings and jellies.

My brother said the jellies and pudding in the glass was meant to be a decoration. I don't really care whether it was a deco or not. It's too beautiful and delicious to resist!

That's about the summary of my trip. I want to go for another holiday!

P/S: Praise the Lord for forbidding Mr. Tsunami from paying his visit to Penang. =)

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