Wednesday, September 05, 2007

i'm going to have a wisdom tooth!!

Econs Paper 1 is over. Tomorrow, MATHS Paper 1. Hope they give direct questions. :D

(Note to self: Stop dreaming about getting easy papers for TRIALS. That will never happen!)

The back gum on my left jaw is swelling and hurting so badly. Wisdom tooth? Wish I could gain more wisdom from the tooth. But it's not even visible and I can't feel it with my tongue. I didn't know it's so hard for the tooth to come out. Just have to bear with the pain until it finally emerges.

Update on Nani's and Nano's memorial spot.

Before those beautiful little flowers were planted in.

After mom pouring all her blood and sweat in planting the beautiful yellow, pink and orange flowers. And some green, green leaves?

Mom decorated the memorial and turned it into a paradise from a grave pile of dirt. I hope all the other terrapins are doing fine so I do not have to write another obituary. It's painful to write even if I do not know the terrapins.

My gum is still aching. Wisdom tooth, give me all the wisdom that you've got!

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Anonymous said...

wisdom tooth? nw oni u got ur wisdom tooth??? wakakakaka. reaL retard la ur teeth grow.. but nvm. itz a gud sign..sure can score in stpm wan. nways, not sked of d souls bhind dere all creep in meh? hoho..nice la...great efforts ur mum put in -)

Anonymous said...

gee... thanx a lot for updating nano & nani's memorial. take kaer alwys. me having gums pain too but its due to the hot weather I guess. huh... hope the pain will go off soon.. da... see ya around

- sapphire blu -