Monday, June 28, 2010

Awesome weekend

The past weekend had been interesting and filled with fun and memorable events. Therefore, this post will consist of mostly pictures with or without captions.

Thursday Night

We had a visitor from KL and for the next three nights starting from the 24th, we got to eat good food. As it was sis' birthday, we went to Kahve for the celebration.

The Grilled Chicken with Rosemary that I have been dying to try! It's delicious.

It was already quite late when we were about to leave the complex and I caught sight of something interesting.

McD workers pushing the rubbish bins out along the shops. DBI at work in Jusco!

Friday Afternoon

The initial plan was to have lunch at the famous beansprout chicken at Lou Wong but the rain was pouring so heavily that we decided to change plan. We chose Sun Yeong Wai at Ipoh Jaya instead.

The dishes that we ordered:

Chicken. I love this the least.

My must-have roasted duck!


Friday Night

Lee Teochew is a restaurant which we have patronised for many years now. They serve excellent dishes (at least dishes that my taste buds approve of).

Bro's choice. Black pepper chicken

Sweet and Sour Fillet

Pork with some mushrooms and vege. Delicious!

After taken a short trip to the night market after dinner, we took the visitor a.k.a. Uncle Ho to the optometrist to get him a pair of new specs. I on the other hand, tried on some shades to kill time.




Saturday Morning

We had dim sum for breakfast. Headed to Bercham and there's this shop which name I have forgotten that sells quite good dim sums.

We had more than the frame could capture! Indulgence, sweet indulgence. =D

Saturday Night - Parents' Day at church!

The night was fabulous! Enjoy the ambience that had been immortalised in picture forms.

The beautiful backdrop done by Andrew.

The deco idea came from Melanie. She's the mastermind of the interior deco of the venue.

The rose, candle and petals added the romantic feel to the setting.

Lantern-papered tubes!

Prizes for the Blessed Draws

Corsages for the ladies a.k.a. mommies!

For the gentlemen a.k.a. daddies!

Leng Lui Aunty Jenny and her best friend, Aunty Irene.

More pictures courtesy of Uncle Foo using his DSLR!!

Tomorrow will be like a brand new semester with a new timetable. The lecturer left AGAIN. Gotta get use to new lecturers AGAIN.

P.S. Three guppies died after left. There are 11 left in the tank. Who will survive till the end?

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Anonymous said...

#1 that photo looks scary... hehe

the dim sum restaurant I think is

Sun Kok Kee - Dim Sum @ Ipoh

Add to those interested or love dim sum: 7-11, Persiaran Bercham Baru Timur 1, Taman Bercham Baru, Ipoh.
31400 Perak