Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scribbling something here to take a short break from work

Finally, one question from one assignment DONE!! Many more to go. I just hope I can just save my midnight oils for exam and I don't have to use it on my assignments.

It's been the third week now and lessons are getting more and more detailed. It's obvious because as you learn, you need to go deeper and deeper until you finally realized you are in a deep pit and you can never get out unless you have covered all the syllabus.

Last Wednesday, we had a closed food fair in college and we sold kebabs which didn't look like real kebabs and also cupcakes. I will upload the picture here soon since the camera is currently at i-don't-know-where-the-location-is. The sales was absolutely not good for the cupcakes. One lesson learnt here: Sell only food that has a minimum cost so that the profit can be maximised.

(I recalled Linear Programming and Econs as I said this. The nostalgic cell suddenly hit me. I miss Form Six so much right now.)

I think I will opt for a French menu for F & B assignment so I can put everything with the word 'french' in it like french fries, french toast, french bread and so on. Anyone knows about French wine? I know nuts about wines. It's time to learn, I guess.

Got to sleep now as I have to wake up early for a visit to McD tomorrow. Can't wait to try the Big Mac Chant! Give me a free drink too, will you, Mr. Ronald?

P/S: I was once again tagged. Another one about listing things. My ultimate weakness. :-P

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Anonymous said...

waaaa.... french bread menu~~~ make me hungry already...