Monday, August 13, 2007

rest in peace, nano..

The demise of Nano, a friend of Nani and the rest of his great chums.

Nano's little coffin

Nano's freshly dug grave (left) next to Nani's (right)

Nano returned home to the Lord
on 12 August 2007,
leaving behind his loved ones, namely
Yvonne, Mork, N, Mindy, Nana, Dada, Didi, Kaka, Kiki
two strangers, Light and Missa.
May you rest in peace in the kingdom of God.

Cause of sudden departure remains a mystery. His shell turned soft yesterday itself and lost his appetite. We will always remember you, Nano.

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Anonymous said...

tq so much for the post about Nano. see ya around. Take care always.

- sapphire blu -